Reducing our impact

Sustainable initiatives are critical to Pine Tree, our partners, tenants, and communities. Our commitment to sustainability and social responsibility extends to all phases of development, leasing, property management, and marketing. We begin and end each process continuously seeking ways to refine and reduce environmental impact while increasing value, efficiency, and leaving as few traces behind as possible.

Operationally efficient

Earning first place among its peers and “Sector Leader” (retail/non-listed) status in the 2016 Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB) Real Estate assessment, which measures environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance of real assets and real estate companies around the world, Pine Tree was also awarded an overall “Green Star” status – the highest possible rank awarded to GRESB members. This is due in part to our proud partnership with Goby, a technology platform dedicated to helping commercial real estate operators achieve sustainability goals and measure results, including the annual submission process to GRESB. Goby ultimately helps us monitor our shopping centers’ energy efficiency and sustainability programs so can maximize returns while reducing our environmental impact.

Other initiatives

Smart lighting

Utilization of office-wide smart lighting systems reduce energy consumption and increase bulb life.

Water preservation

Installation of drip irrigation systems to reduce water consumption at Pine Tree properties and developments.

Habitat protection

Recognition of native species and determination to protect their habitats and avoid conflict.

Recycling programs

Mandatory participation in paper, cardboard, aluminum, steel and plastic recycling throughout Pine Tree offices. Portfolio-wide recycling programs at Pine Tree properties rolling out in 2017.

LEED specifications

Dedication to implementing sustainable and eco-friendly technology in future designs and development opportunities.